User Agreement

This User Agreement is intended to regulate the relationship between the Service and Users using the Cashback services.

Article 1. Terms and Definitions

Internet site - is a set of interconnected Internet pages containing text data, images, video and other digital information, united under one domain name on the Internet.

User - is a person, over 18 years of age, registered in the User Account of the Service.

User account - is a User's tool that allows him to receive the services specified by the Service and is also a tool for storing user personal data and settings.

Personal data - information related to a registered User, namely: full name, phone number, email, city of residence, date of birth.

Purchase - acquisition by the User of goods or services of Advertisers through the User account.

Account - a set of personal data about the User, which is stored in his/her User Account, necessary for identify the User in the Service

Advertiser - is an Internet service that sells goods or services. Within the framework of the agreement concluded between the Advertiser and the Service, the Service attracts Users to the Internet site of the Advertiser. The contract can be concluded directly with the Advertiser, or through an intermediary.

Service - is an Internet service that provides services that allow its users to return a part of the money spent (cashback) from purchases made on the Internet sites of Advertisers.

Cashback - refund of a part of money spent by the User to purchase goods or services on the Advertiser's website.

Cashback account (User's wallet) - is an account of the registered User displayed in the User Account. Displays cashback accumulations from purchases by the User of goods or services on the Site of the Advertiser.

Article 2. Services

The Service provides services that allow the User to receive Cashback from Purchases made on Internet sites of Advertisers.

The Service is not responsible for the relevance of data about the made Purchases transmitted by the Advertiser.

Article 3. Terms of use of the User Account

In order to use the service, the User must register in the User Account on the website of the Service, by creating an Account. Users are not allowed to create and have more than one account.

User must specify a unique password when registering in the User Account and use this password to log in to the User Account in the future.

User must provide genuine and up-to-date personal information when creating an account, as well as relevant information on payment cards, payment systems or other data necessary for the implementation of Cashback.

The user must ensure that he has full right to use one or another way to withdraw Cashback and confirm the appropriate withdrawal method. The user must ensure that the payment information in the User Account settings is correct and updated in a timely manner, if necessary.

User acknowledges that he enters into an agreement with the Service on the terms of this Agreement, having registered with the User Account on the website of the Service, accepts all the terms of this Agreement and undertakes to comply with them.

Article 4. Terms of repayment

Cashback shall be credited for User's Purchases subject to the following conditions:

  • The User must be authorized on the site of the Service;
  • The transfer to the Advertiser's site was made by the User on a special link issued by the Service;
  • The purchase must not be canceled;
  • The Advertiser confirmed to the Service that the User made a purchase, the Advertiser paid a remuneration to the Service;
  • The user has fulfilled all the recommendations of the Service upon the purchase and did not violate the rules of this Agreement.

After the User has successfully completed the purchase in accordance with the foregoing terms, the Service will register the corresponding Cashback for the User on the Cashback account.

When the balance on the Cashback account reaches or exceeds the minimum withdrawal amount, the User can order the payment of funds available on the Cashback account, using the selected method of receiving funds. Information about the size of Cashback for each of the Advertisers can be obtained in the catalog of online stores.

The User must take into account that some methods of cashback withdrawal may have their own rules for the maximum or minimum amount of transfer which can be obtained through their service. Service reserves the right to refuse to accrue and pay Cashback to the User in cases involving suspicious activity, fraudulent acts or violations of this Agreement. It is possible that the Advertiser decides that the Purchase does not match established agreement between the Advertiser and the Service Cashback for such Purchases can not be credited or canceled when agreeing Purchases between the Service and the Advertiser. The service is not responsible for the relevance of data about the made Purchases, which are transmitted by the Advertiser. And also is not responsible for the amount of commissions that are set by the Advertiser. If the User Account is blocked or deleted due to a violation of the rules of this Agreement, cashback withdrawal from the Cashback account will be impossible. The Service reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of withdrawal of cashback with the notification of Users by email specified in the User Account.

Article 5. Personal data

Privacy policy contains the terms on which the Service processes Personal Data. The Privacy Policy is part of this Agreement and, by agreeing to it, the User also gives his consent to the method in which the Service processes and stores personal data of Users in accordance with this policy.

Article 6. Limitation of the participation and responsibility of the Service

The Service is not a participant in the transactions of Users with Advertisers, the Service is not a seller or a supplier and does not give recommendations when making Purchases. Thus, the Service does not bear any legal obligations, which relate to the sellers of these goods or services.

The service does not control the Advertisers and does not bear any responsibility for:

  • quality, security or legality of goods and services provided by Advertisers;
  • The ability of the Advertiser to provide and deliver the goods and services that they offer.

When making transactions with advertisers, presented on the website of the Service, Users should be cautious, as if they had made a similar purchase elsewhere.

Users release the Service, agents and employees of the Service from any liability, in connection with any transactions with Advertisers, including all claims related to transactions with Advertisers.

The service is responsible only in cases directly provided for in this Agreement and will have any other obligations, duties or responsibilities, in any other way except for the contract.

Within the limits permitted by law, the Service is not liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred due to the inability to use or as a result of the use of the website of the Service, websites of Advertisers but not limiting to:

  • loss of income;
  • loss of business;
  • loss of profits or contracts;
  • loss of expected savings;
  • loss of data;
  • loss of goodwill;

for any other loss or damage of any kind resulting from a civil offense and breach of contract.

The provisions of this Article 6 shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

Article 7. Intellectual Property

The service has all the necessary rights in relation to the results of intellectual activity, which is posted on the website of the Service Materials posted on the website of the Service are protected by copyright laws.

Users are not allowed to make changes to copies of any printed or downloaded materials of the website of the Service Users are not allowed to use any illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences, and any graphic elements separate from the accompanying text.

The status of the Service as the author of the material on the website of the Service should always be recognized. Users should not use any part of the materials located on the website of the Service, for commercial purposes, without obtaining a special permission from the Service or licensees. If Users print, copy or download any part of the materials on the website of the Service, violating the terms of the Agreement, the right of the User to use the website of the Service will be terminated immediately. The user will have to return or destroy (at the choice of the Service all copies of the materials that he made.

Article 8. Actions of the Service

The Service reserves the right to delete, modify or suspend certain functions or completely reject them, in the event that the Service has legal, technical or commercial reasons. The Service will do everything possible to notify the Users before taking such measures, except when it is necessary to take these measures without delay for security reasons or because of technical difficulties, which otherwise may adversely affect the full range of service. If the Service becomes unavailable due to technical difficulties, the Service will take all possible measures to overcome these difficulties, when the solution will depend on the Service Users agree with the terms that the Service can not guarantee continuous access to the service and materials which are on it.

For security reasons or for other reasons, the Service may require Users to change their password or other information which is used to access the Service The Service will never ask for the User's password by email, phone or by any other means of communication, except for the Service website. Users are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and any additional information identifies Users.

Article 9. Amendments to the Agreement

The Service reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement by posting a new version of the Agreement on the website of the website. Users will be notified by e-mail when a new version of the Agreement is published. he must notify the Service before the effective date of the new version of the Agreement and stop using the Service

Article 10. Operation of the Agreement

This Agreement becomes mandatory for the User from the moment of registration in the User Account and is valid for an indefinite period of time. The User accepts the Agreement from the moment of registration of the User in the User Account.

The current version of the Agreement is located at: