Tenergy Cashback 6% on every purchase!

What is CashBack? How it works:
Step 1

Sign up!

You will have a personal account
on BeBack.cash where you can track
your CashBack earnings

Step 2

Go to the store

by a special link
by clicking "Shop with Cashback"

Step 3

Make a purchase!

Please, follow our safety rules
to decrease risk loss of CashBack

Basic safety rules:

- Use a separate clean browser
- Disable ad blockers
- Disable antivirus
- Wash your hands before eating :)
Step 4

Wait for confirmation

after about 1 hour,
your CashBack will appear
in your account

Step 5

Withdraw CashBack

as soon as the store confirmed
your purchase - withdraw received
cashback in any convenient way

Step 6

Get Premium!

Sign up! Join Now and get 50%
more cashback than on base rate

CashBack approval time

Average cashback approval time: 30 days

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About the store

tenergy is an american brand that started in 2004 california we provide battery solutions for the home and business since then our product line has expanded from battery and chargers to marketing home electronics these two distinct lines of products fall in either our power or life line tenergy power is our battery and charger line where we sell products that provide power solutions for average consumers to aerospace applications our brand was built through batteries as we understood that in order for the world to move we needed to provide the spark that’s why we set out to power your home rc hobbies airsoft aeg guns industrial and medical applications through nonrechargeable to rechargeable batteries tenergy life is our household electronics line where we sell kitchen and small household appliances with the same expertise on batteries and chargers we wanted to apply our tenergy high standard to your home and helping your overall life as an affiliate member you can choose between our two sites powertenergycom and lifetenergycom or be an affiliate for both lines you will have access to diverse products that will fit anyone needs we are a brand that caters to our customers our program is free to join so sign up with the brand that truly powers you affiliate program highlights cookie 30 days customer spending 20 to 2000spending can get as high as 2000 as our customer base retails to home consumers and businesses each purchase commission rate up to 8 commission each purchase 2 to 200 access to exclusive newsletters coupons ad banners contests text links and so much more tenergy offers occasional bonus programs depending on the traffic and customer spending our top affiliates earn 7500 or more per month sincerely tenergy affiliate management team

Tenergy Cashback: comparison with Discount, Promocode, Coupon.

Cashback - a partial refund by a store to a customer of funds spent on purchases. What is the difference between other savings options?

Promocode - a combination of characters entered at checkout. A buyer receives a benefit: reduced price for the goods or service provided by a bonus - free delivery, for example.

Coupon works in the same way - a buyer purchases the goods at a reduced cost using a coupon.

Discounts are provided on different conditions: they are made to regular customers; monetary benefits are possible with a bulk purchase.

If you use a promotional code or coupon, the cashback may not work.

By shopping in Tenergy you will save:

4% 6%
Sign Up Gift. Cashback is increased by 50% for 24h after sign-up. Read More...